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Free Movie Streaming Sites With No Sign Up

Free Movie Streaming Sites

With the reopening of the cinemas, many have decided to resume this good habit, going to the nearest cinemas to enjoy the latest films that have just been released. On the other hand, the community of cinephiles is always very large, despite in recent times platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are also focusing decisively on TV series, which are increasingly popular.

Free Movie Streaming Sites

But how can you do if you want to watch a movie without paying while sitting comfortably on the sofa in your home? As you can easily imagine, the web offers you a series of solutions to avoid going to the cinema and enjoying the film at home, perhaps in the company of your soul mate, or with friends, or perhaps with your family.

I am referring to the various websites that you can use to see movies of all kinds, often categorized by genre (drama, comedy, thriller, etc.). However, it is right that you inform yourself that there are legal sites but also portals that do not guarantee a high level of security.

Free movies without registration, the most famous legal sites

Let’s start with the legal sites that you can use to enjoy your favorite movies from the sofa.


Did you miss a film that was aired on one of the Rai channels and you don’t know how to see it again? Do not worry, because RaiPlay (also) serves this. This is none other than the official website of the historic Italian public radio and television service, where you can have access to a catalog of on-demand content that is quite well-stocked (and obviously also includes films). In addition, in the event of a malfunction of your television, you can use RaiPlay to watch movies in live streaming.

The main feature of RaiPlay is clearly its free, in addition to the fact that you can avoid registering on the site by authenticating with your Facebook or Twitter account, or with your Google account. And that’s not all, because you can also download the RaiPlay app from both the Google Play Store and the App Store.

Mediaset Infinity

Over time you will have heard of it as Mediaset On-Demand, Mediaset Play, and Mediaset Play Infinity. Yes, I’m talking to you about the streaming platform made available by Mediaset, which now takes the name of Mediaset Infinity and which enables you to view streaming content both live and in on-demand mode.

Best Sites To Watch Movies Online

Through Mediaset Infinity you can watch the films broadcast on Mediaset networks and access the on-demand catalog, also using some functions to enjoy online content. The service is free and accessible from any browser; in addition, Mediaset Infinity is also available as an app for Android and iOS.

The only “flaw” compared to Railay consists in the fact that you will not be able to download the contents and then watch them comfortably offline, even if with some third-party services you can work around this limitation.


You may not know it, but even on the famous YouTube platform – which you will certainly use to listen to the music you love and watch the videos of your favorite artists, ed – you can watch movies for free, without registering. All thanks to some companies that have acquired the rights to the films and choose to use Google to convey them.

However, since there is no dedicated section, the search for films can be complex for you. I can help you by recommending some specific channels, such as Movie On (where you will find mostly US films), Film & Clips (with features of all genres and many classics), and KoreanFilm, the latter obviously dedicated to fans of oriental cinema.